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Beer Stein Glass

Beer Stein Glass


Customize this 25oz. Pint Glass or pick up one of our fun designs offered at our Water front  Marketplace shop.



The Libbey 5272 sport mug is made of thick, clear glass, making it ideal for frosting before serving ice-cold beer.

This mug's generous size and thick glass are supported by a large, solid handle to make using it simple. For added control, a textured thumb rest is placed on top of the handle. The bottom of the mug features a flower design, and is heavy enough to provide stability and prevent the glass from tipping. The clear glass allows you to beautifully showcase any drink you choose to serve in it, making it a great choice for any bar.


Product Details

  • Glass sport mug
  • 25-oz. capacity
  • Round mug with large handle
  • Made of thick, clear glass, ideal for frosting
  • Weighted bottom provides stability
  • Thumb rest on the top of the handle helps provide control
  • Flower design in base